I’m a cow loving, dog obsessed, food coma expert, and all-around nap time pro. I’m not ready to grow up or grow old. I like to push limits and buttons. I love my life and I listen to God. I like to blow people’s phones up so they can’t forget that I exist. If you want to feed me a meal I’ll never forget it has to include the following: pasta, Alison’s crab Rangoon, all breakfast foods, coffee, tea, wine, a beer, pie and cake.


It all started when my family and I took trips to Florida and then started going to different places for Spring Break. I loved it and I wanted to travel more. I don’t know if it was being able to see the different states or opening my eyes to understanding how large this world actually is.

My traveling subsidized for a while when I started going to Ferris State University. The only traveling I did was to and from school, it is a 10 hour drive so I got to see a lot of Michigan, but it wasn’t adventuring at that point it was just driving. After I got my degree in Advertising/Integrating Marketing Communications I started looking into companies and talking to people and I realized that Corporate America isn’t for me. I love marketing and advertising, what do you think this blog and Facebook page is? 

I just want to be able to travel and adventure when I want to. It doesn’t seem like me to have to wait for my vacation time to get accepted by someone who probably doesn’t even understand my need to travel.  So that is why I decided to invest myself into this blog and to share my adventures and travels near and far!

I took my first solo trip this spring and it has only encouraged me to do more exploring by myself. Traveling is so freeing and life changing that I will do it as often as I can. I plan on keeping that promise until the day I die. Follow me as an outgoing and loud introvert. As if those words couldn’t be more opposite. I want to travel the world and I can only do that one trip at a time.