We all have different lenses, metaphorically and literally. One lens we all have are eyes granted we all don’t see with our eyes. Some eyes are seeing some eyes are touch, hearing, smell, and taste. Our eyes are different and specific to who we are as a person. In another sense, we have our metaphorical lens. Which has been shaped and molded from every experience we have ever had. Crazy right? Yes, our metaphorical lens is always changing!┬áThere are so many lenses we could speak of. I have my eyes, my glasses, my metaphorical lens, my camera lens, etc. So many lenses so many views!

That’s where Looking Through The Lens came from. All of my stories are about my lenses. Some may be a picture that I took or from one of my travels or a life experience that has changed me. These are what make me as a person, what makes us all who we are. I chose Looking Through The Lens because it also gives way to one of my passions in life, photography! Clever, huh?

I am happy to share my stories, my views from my lenses. It’s an ever-change life and I can’t wait to see it all!